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My name is Siân Killingsworth, and I’m a copywriter. I develop, create and curate content for businesses -- everything from social media posts to branding to sales emails. My background is in consumer marketing at FORTUNE® 500 companies, but I loved the creative elements of my job so much I moved into writing.

My copywriting clients recognize me as a creative problem solver, expert researcher, and a trustworthy and fun team player. Delivering copy that gets results and beats expectations is what makes me tick.
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Mini Marketing Plan: Find Your Ideal Customers NOW

So you’ve got a fantastic product or service, you’ve set up your pricing structure, created a website, Facebook page, Twitter account, and are just writing your marketing plan. After all, this is the primary tool you have for targeting your ideal customers. You ARE writing a marketing plan, right??? Just because you’re a small business […]

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Essential Elements of an About Page that Sells

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Video for Your Blog or Website: How to Get it Right

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